Lowest Rated

Beers with a Beer Advocate Score of 3.00 or lower
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1.86  Budweiser Bud Light (1)
1.88  Michelob Ultra
1.95  Corona Light
1.96  New Planet Pale Ale
1.99  Castle Lite
2.01  Ceres Strong Ale
2.03  Coors Light
2.09  Cave Creek Original C Cave Creek Chili Beer
2.16  Michelob Light
2.18  Carmel Pale Ale
2.19  Miller Lite
2.24  Del Mar
2.26  Anheuser-Busch Wild Blue Blueberry Lager
2.27  Gallo Cerveza Gallo  Miller Genuine Draft
2.31  The Three Stooges Beer (Larry cap)
2.33  The Three Stooges Beer Curly's Light Beer
2.34  Corona Extra
2.35  Brahma
2.36  Budweiser (bowling pin bottle)
2.40  Greenshields Nut Brown Ale
2.46  Sol
2.47  Hempen Gold
2.49  Castle Lager (1)  Cruzcampo Pilsener  Kalik Light
2.50  Mosi Gold Export Lager
2.51  Iron City Beer  La Biere Du Demon La biere blonde la plus forte de monde
2.52  Greenshields Amber Ale
2.53  Carling Black Label  Carlsberg Special Brew  Foster's Lager (1)  Nova Schin  Tecate
2.54  Red Stripe Light
2.55  Magic Hat HiCü Cucumber Hibiscus Ale  Superior
2.57  Badass American Badass Beer
2.59  Rolling Rock Extra Pale
2.62  Landshark Lager  Mosi Lager  Taj Mahal Premium Lager
2.63  Labatt Ice Beer  Rammer Jammer
2.64  Boatswain Double IPA (Twin Screw Steamer)
2.65  Cerveza Aguila  Kalik  Salva Vida
2.66  Michelob
2.67  Kirin Ichiban  Lucky Buddha Lucky  Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic  Trout River Hoppin' Mad Trout
2.69  Arsenalnoye Krepkoye (Extra Lager)  La Tropical  Tiger Beer  Tommyknocker Tundrabeary Ale  Tuborg Grøn Tuborg
2.70  Pacifico Clara
2.71  Amsterdam Mariner Premium Lager  Molson Golden (1)  Tuborg Premium Lager
2.72  Asahi Super 'Dry'  Estrella Clara Dorada  Heineken (1)  Presidente (1)  Ringnes Lettøl
2.73  Boatswain American IPA
2.74  Balboa  Berger Snowman  Dos Equis Special Lager  Elephant Red  Yuengling Premium Light
2.75  Costa Rica Imperial
2.76  Cayman Islands Caybrew
2.77  Becks  Becks Sapphire  Tsingtao
2.78  Peroni  Slavutych Pyvo Lager Beer
2.79  Beers of America Historical Collection Piedmont Porter
2.80  Beer Engineers Velocity IPA  Blue Moon Rising Moon  Carib Lager  Dixie  Farsons Lacto Traditional Stout Beer  Harbin Lager  Lang Ale Taildragger Honey Wheat  Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale  Wisconsin Brewing Rainbow Red Ale
2.81  Costa Rica Pilsen  Maes Pils  North End Berry Wheat
2.82  Modelo Especial
2.84  Balashi  Port Royal Export  Sapporo Draft Beer  Yuengling Light Lager
2.85  Sun Valley White Cloud Ale
2.86  Beers of America Historical Collection Barbary Coast Brand Gold Rush  Club Colombia  Dixie Crimson Voodoo
2.87  Anheuser-Busch Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale (Seasonal)  Hansa Marzen Gold  Pilsner of El Salvador  St. Pauli Girl Lager
2.88  Carmel Wheat Beer  Hurricane Reef Raspberry Wheat Ale  Michelob Amber Bock  Sun Valley Y2K IPA
2.89  Beers of America Historical Collection Berkshire Springs Stock Ale  Diamond Bear Strawberry Blonde
2.91  Moretti (1)
2.92  Beers of America Historical Collection Tejas  Beers of America Historical Collection Rock River Lager  Cusqueña Premium (1)  McEwan's India Pale Ale
2.93  Fischer LaBelle Amber  Rinkuškiai Werewolf 8.2%
2.94  Pete's Wicked Ale Strawberry Blonde (1)  Thomas Kemper Bad Goat Bock Lager  Victoria
2.96  Anheuser-Busch Spring Heat Spiced Wheat (Seasonal)  Guinness Nitro IPA  Samuel Adams Triple Bock (1995)  Shiner Blonde  Shock Top Belgian White
2.97  Berger Chocolate Stout  Blue Moon Raspberry Cream  Lapin Kulta Premium  Red Stripe  Traverse Old Mission Lighthouse Ale
2.98  Abita Light  Buffalo Bill America's Original Pumpkin Ale
2.99  Anheuser-Busch Sun Dog Amber Wheat (Seasonal)
3.00  Flying Dog Ales Tire Biter Ale (Kolsch) (1)  Minott's Black Star Amber Export
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