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  1. Bacteremia Associated with Tunneled Dialysis Catheters: Comparison of Two Treatment Strategies. (2000)
  2. A Prospective Evaluation of the Timing of Postoperative Radiotherapy for Preventing Heterotopic Ossification Following Traumatic Acetabular Fractures. (2000)
  3. Health-related Quality of Life and Virologic Outcomes in an HIV Clinic. (2000)
  4. Phenotypic Drug Susceptibility Testing Predicts Long-Term Virologic Suppression Better than Treatment History in Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. (2001)
  5. Predictors of Arteriovenous Graft Patency After Radiologic Intervention in Hemodialysis Patients. (2001)
  6. Prevalence and Correlates of Coronary Calcification in Black and White Young Adults: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study. (2001)
  7. Immunologic and Virologic Consequences of Temporary Antiretroviral Treatment Interruption in Clinical Practice. (2002)
  8. Patient-Perceived Barriers to Antiretroviral Adherence: Associations with Race. (2002)
  9. A Limited Sampling Strategy for Pharmacokinetic Directed Therapy with Intravenous Busulfan. (2002)
  10. Years of Life Lost Due to Obesity. (2003)
  11. Abdominal aortic aneurysms in "High-Risk" surgical patients: comparison of open and endovascular repair. (2003)
  12. Duration of highly active antiretroviral therapy regimens. (2003)
  13. Double reading of barium enemas: is it necessary? (2003)
  14. Transmission of HIV-1 and HLA-B allele-sharing within serodiscordant heterosexual Zambian couples. (2004)
  15. Relationship between bridging with ventricular assist device on rejection after heart transplantation. (2005)
  16. Effect of Warfarin Anticoagulation on Below-Knee Polytetrafluoroethylene Graft Patency. (2005)
  17. Longitudinal patterns in the prevention of osteoporosis in glucocorticoid-treated patients. (2005)
  18. Prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia among African Americans with early rheumatoid arthritis: the impact of ethnic-specific normative data. (2005)
  19. Sustained HIV Viral Suppression following Treatment Interruption: An Observational Study. (2006)
  20. Agreement and validity of pharmacy data versus self-report for use of osteoporosis medications among chronic glucocorticoid users. (2006)
  21. Distribution of Health Care Expenditures for HIV-Infected Patients. (2006)
  22. Channeling and adherence with alendronate and risedronate among chronic glucocorticoid users. (2006)
  23. Population-based assessment of adverse events associated with long-term glucocorticoid use. (2006)
  24. Putative contributors to the secular increase in obesity: exploring the roads less traveled. (2006)
  25. Estimating blood needs for very-low-birth-weight infants. (2006)
  26. Can routine clinical markers be used longitudinally to monitor antiretroviral therapy success in resource-limited settings? (2007)
  27. Complete Blood Cell Count as a Surrogate CD4 Cell Marker for HIV Monitoring in Resource-Limited Settings. (2007)
  28. Challenges in improving the quality of osteoporosis care for long-term glucocorticoid users: a prospective randomized trial. (2007)
  29. Divergence in popular diets relative to diets consumed by Americans, and implications for diet selection. (2007)
  30. Nucleoside Reverse-Transcriptase Inhibitor Dosing Errors in an Outpatient HIV Clinic in the Electronic Medical Record Era. (2007)
  31. Contraception among HIV Concordant and Discordant Couples in Zambia: A Randomized Controlled Trial. (2007)
  32. Cigarette smoking, disease severity, and autoantibody expression in African Americans with recent-onset rheumatoid arthritis. (2008)
  33. The HLA-DRB1 shared epitope is associated with susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis in African Americans through European genetic admixture. (2008)
  34. Clinical Outcome of HIV-Infected Antiretroviral-Naive Patients With Discordant Immunologic and Virologic Responses to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. (2008)
  35. The Benefit of Adherence with Bisphosphonates Depends on Age and Fracture Type: Results From an Analysis of 101,038 New Bisphosphonate Users. (2008)
  36. Clinical Inertia in the Management of Low-Density Lipoprotein Abnormalities in an HIV Clinic. (2008)
  37. Risk of hip fracture after bisphosphonate discontinuation: implications for a drug holiday. (2008)
  38. Industry funding and the reporting quality of large long-term weight loss trials. (2008)
  39. Increased regimen durability in the era of once-daily fixed-dose combination antiretroviral therapy. (2008)
  40. Short-term Discontinuation of HAART Regimens More Common in Vulnerable Patient Populations. (2008)
  41. Missed Visits and Mortality among Patients Establishing Initial Outpatient HIV Treatment. (2009)
  42. Improving the Prediction of Medication Compliance: The Example of Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis. (2009)
  43. An African Ancestry-Specific Allele of CTLA4 Confers Protection against Rheumatoid Arthritis in African Americans. (2009)
  44. A behavioral economic reward index predicts drinking resolutions: moderation revisited and compared with other outcomes. (2009)
  45. RisedronatE and ALendronate Intervention over Three Years (REALITY): minimal differences in fracture risk reduction. (2009)
  46. Do physicians within the same practice setting manage osteoporosis patients similarly? Implications for implementation research. (2009)
  47. Gender Differences in Discontinuation of Antiretroviral Treatment Regimens. (2009)
  48. Durability of Initial Antiretroviral Therapy in a Resource Constrained Setting and the Potential Need for Zidovudine Weight-Based Dosing. (2010)
  49. Antiretroviral Prescribing Patterns in Treatment-Naïve Patients in the United States. (2010)
  50. Comparative Efficacy versus Effectiveness of Initial Antiretroviral Therapy in Clinical Trials versus Routine Care. (2010)
  51. Hepatitis C virus coinfection and the risk of cardiovascular disease among HIV-infected patients. (2010)
  52. An Empirical Approach to Defining Loss to Follow-up Among Patients Enrolled in Antiretroviral Treatment Programs. (2010)
  53. A Cluster Randomized Trial of Routine HIV-1 Viral Load Monitoring in Zambia: Study Design, Implementation, and Baseline Cohort Characteristics. (2010)
  54. Radiographic severity of rheumatoid arthritis in African Americans: results from a multicenter observational study. (2010)
  55. Most common single-nucleotide polymorphisms associated with rheumatoid arthritis in subjects of European ancestry confer risk of rheumatoid arthritis in African-Americans. (2010)
  56. Implementation of cervical cancer prevention services for HIV-infected women in Zambia: measuring program effectiveness. (2010)
  57. Abacavir use and risk of acute myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular events in the highly active antiretroviral therapy era. (2011)
  58. Outcomes of antiretroviral treatment in programmes with and without routine viral load monitoring in Southern Africa. (2011)
  59. Universal Definition of Loss to Follow-Up in HIV Treatment Programs: A Statistical Analysis of 111 Facilities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. (2011)
  60. Estimating Loss to Follow-Up in HIV-Infected Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy: The Effect of the Competing Risk of Death in Zambia and Switzerland. (2011)
  61. Early Retention in HIV Care and Viral Load Suppression: Implications for a Test and Treat Approach to HIV Prevention. (2012)
  62. Health Facility Characteristics and Their Relationship to Coverage of PMTCT of HIV Services across Four African Countries: The PEARL Study. (2012)
  63. Impact of organizational factors on adherence to laboratory testing protocols in adult HIV care in Lusaka, Zambia. (2012)
  64. Pain, Mood, and Substance Abuse in HIV: Implications for Clinic Visit Utilization, Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence, and Virologic Failure. (2012)
  65. Underutilization of Aspirin for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease among HIV-Infected Patients. (2012)
  66. Measuring Retention in HIV Care: The Elusive Gold Standard. (2012)
  67. Multimorbidity Patterns in HIV-Infected Patients: The Role of Obesity in Chronic Disease Clustering. (2012)
  68. Effect of persistency of first-line HIV antiretroviral therapy on clinical outcomes. (2013)
  69. Characteristics of an Ambulatory Palliative Care Clinic for HIV-Infected Patients. (2013)
  70. The Association of Clinical Follow-Up Intervals in HIV-Infected Persons with Viral Suppression on Subsequent Viral Suppression. (2013)
  71. Comparison of the Disease Activity Score Using Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and C-reactive Protein in African Americans with Rheumatoid Arthritis. (2013)
  72. Medication Possession Ratio Predicts Antiretroviral Regimens Persistence in Peru. (2013)
  73. Pain is Independently Associated with Impaired Physical Function in HIV-Infected Patients. (2013)
  74. HIV Care Visits and Time to Viral Suppression, 19 U.S. Jurisdictions, and Implications for Treatment, Prevention and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. (2013)
  75. Church Attendance in Men Who Have Sex With Men Diagnosed With HIV Is Associated With Later Presentation for HIV Care. (2014)
  76. Complementary and alternative medicine use in african-americans with rheumatoid arthritis. (2014)
  77. Low Back Pain and Associated Imaging Findings among HIV-Infected Patients Referred to an HIV/Palliative Care Clinic. (2014)
  78. MSG-01: A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial of caspofungin prophylaxis followed by pre-emptive therapy for invasive candidiasis in high-risk adults in the critical care setting. (2014)
  79. Aberrant Drug-Related Behaviors: A Qualitative Analysis of Medical Record Documentation in Patients Referred to an HIV/Chronic Pain Clinic. (2014)
  80. Effects of atorvastatin and pravastatin on immune activation and T-cell function in antiretroviral therapy-suppressed HIV-1-infected patients. (2014)
  81. Beyond Core Indicators of Retention in HIV Care: Missed Clinic Visits are Independently Associated with All-cause Mortality. (2014)
  82. Gamification as a tool for enhancing graduate medical education. (2014)
  83. Preliminary outcomes of a pilot physical therapy program for HIV-infected patients with chronic pain. (2015)
  84. Viral suppression is associated with increased likelihood of colorectal cancer screening among persons living with HIV/AIDS. (2015)
  85. A Comparison of Methods for Analyzing Viral Load Data in Studies of HIV Patients. (2015)
  86. Quantitative evaluation of an instrument to identify chronic pain in HIV-infected individuals. (2015)
  87. Factors Associated With Smoking Status among HIV-Positive Patients in Routine Clinical Care. (2015)
  88. Factors Associated with Missed Psychiatry Visits in an Urban HIV Clinic. (2015)
  89. Obesity is associated with race/sex disparities in diabetes and hypertension prevalence, but not cardiovascular disease, among HIV-infected adults. (2015)
  90. The role of genetic variants in CRP in radiographic severity in African Americans with early and established rheumatoid arthritis. (2015)
  91. Venous thromboembolism among HIV positive patients and anticoagulation clinic outcomes integrated within the HIV primary care setting. (2015)
  92. The Contribution of Missed Clinic Visits to Disparities in HIV Viral Load Outcomes. (2015)
  93. Normal T-cell activation in elite controllers with preserved CD4+ T-cell counts. (2015)
  94. The Role of Early HIV Status Disclosure in Retention in HIV Care. (2015)
  95. Predictors of HIV Disclosure in Infected Persons Presenting to Establish Care. (2016)
  96. Evolution and Escalation of an Emergency Department Routine, Opt-out HIV Screening and Linkage-to-Care Program. (2016)
  97. Reported Church Attendance at the Time of Entry into HIV Care is Associated with Viral Load Suppression at 12 Months. (2016)
  98. Association of anti-peptidyl arginine deiminase antibodies with radiographic severity of rheumatoid arthritis in African Americans. (2016)
  99. Efficient identification of nationally mandated reportable cancer cases using natural language processing and machine learning. (2016)
  100. Prevalence odds ratio versus prevalence ratio: choice comes with consequences. (2016)
  101. Factors Associated with PMTCT Cascade Completion in Four African Countries. (2016)
  102. Factors associated with the selection of initial antiretroviral therapy from 2009 to 2012. (2017)
  103. The Right People, Right Places, and Right Practices: Disparities in PrEP access among African American Men, Women and MSM in the Deep South. (2017)
  104. Mycobacterium tuberculosis exploits the PPM1A signaling pathway to block host macrophage apoptosis. (2017)
  105. Predictors of the use of interventions to prevent malaria in pregnancy in Cameroon. (2017)
  106. Comparative effectiveness of single versus multiple tablet antiretroviral therapy regimens in clinical HIV practice. (2017)
  107. IL-1ß levels are associated with chronic multisite pain in people living with HIV. (2017)
  108. CD151 Expression Is Associated with a Hyperproliferative T Cell Phenotype. (2017)
  109. Implications of DRG Classification in a Bundled Payment Initiative for COPD. (2017)
  110. Predictors of Infant Hepatitis B Immunization in Cameroon: Data to Inform Implementation of a Hepatitis B Birth Dose. (2018)
  111. HIV Continuum of Care for Youth in the United States. (2018)
  112. Partner Notification for Youth Living with HIV in 14 Cities in the United States. (2018)
  113. Cost-effectiveness of a chronic pain intervention for people living with HIV (PLWH). (2018)
  114. High Prevalence of Multidrug-Resistant Mycoplasma genitalium in HIV-infected Men who have Sex with Men in Alabama. (2018)
  115. Tobacco Use and Sustained Viral Suppression in Youth Living with HIV. (2018)
  116. A cross-sectional study examining associations between substance use frequency, problematic use and STIs among youth living with HIV. (2018)
  117. Assessing effects of behavioral intervention on treatment outcomes among patients initiating HIV care: Rationale and design of iENGAGE intervention trial. (2018)
  118. A Randomized Pilot Trial of a Novel Behavioral Intervention for Chronic Pain Tailored to Individuals with HIV. (2018)
  119. Educational Analytics: A New Frontier for Gamification? (2018)
  120. Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevalence in Women with HIV: Is There a Role for Targeted Screening? (2018)
  121. Assessing a novel way to measure step count while walking using a custom mobile phone application. (2018)
  122. Suboptimal Retention in Care Among Recently Released Prisoners: Implications for Social Workers in HIV Primary Care. (2019)
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